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I used to take Cardizem. Now I take Metoprolol and Vasotec, and my bp has been in a decent range, but I think I'm getting side effects, and am getting depressed.
This is my current daily medicine: Prevacid, (to fight the gi tract irritation caused by the other meds. Vasotec. Metoprolol. One 81mg aspirin. Xanax. Lately I've been having numbness in my hands. My orthopedist told me this is carpal tunnel syndrome, but it affects all my fingers. Also, I get lightheaded, and a kind of pressure that goes up the back of my head. The xanax seems to help this. I hate taking these meds and will be talking to my doctor about these new symptoms soon.
I would appreciate any insight into my medicines and side effects. I am also feeling sorry for myself and anxious. Thanks, Kevin.