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Cassie is correct, an ACEI should NEVR be used with triamterene...it works well with a thiazide diuretic though.
Without the triamterene, or use of potassium salt substitutes, excess potassium is nothing at all to worry about...our diets are usually deficient rather than excessive.

I think the ACEI are usually more effective than the ARBS.

But the COUGH...I stuck with enalapril for MONTHS before throwing in the towel. It was a LONG time ago and Vasotec was the new kid on the block so I coughed and coughed not knowing what was causing it thinking I was getting asthma or worse. So no, I don't think the cough usually goes away.

I think you;ll find the running doable with the lisinopril where it was impossible with the beta-blocker.
I wish I COULD take an ACE inhibitor, but alas, NO!