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Hi All,
I don't usually come on this board, but since I have taken Lisinopril, and before that, Zestril and Vasotec (All ACEI's), my BP has been controlled very well, so don't worry about the BP too much. I never really liked the ACEI side effects: coughing, fatigue, etc., but stuck with it anyway. Well, I just heard something interesting on our news tonight, and was wondering if anyone else had heard this, also. The report stated that ACEI's have been shown to decrease the risk (by 50%, I think it said) of three types of cancer: esphogeal, pancreatic and colon.
Has anyone else heard this news report? Just wondering.
I don't like the ACEI's, but since they control my BP I continue with them, and if this is true, it seems like a plus in continuing with it.
I haven't found any confirmation of this report yet, so was just curious if anyone else had heard this?
Thanks everyone!