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my son had 2 stress tests just a few weeks apart. he had the first one because they saw a kink in his right coronary artery after a cath w/ stent. they wanted to see how it was under stress and he had big ekg changes and the scan showed the heart muscle wasn't getting enough blood. he was at a high risk for a heart attack, so until he had the stent put in, he was to take it easy. a week after his second stent, he had blue lips and paleness and sweating, so we went back for another scan to see how it looked. the ekg was the same as before the stent and so was the scan. so he went in for another cath (his 4th this year) to see if the stent had closed. they can't see specific arteries during the scan, it is just a general look to see if the heart muscle is getting adequate blood supply and if there is damage.

anyway, the cath revealed the stent was open but he has underdeveloped left coronary arteries. so he was put on isordil (along with the digoxin, vasotec, plavix and aspirin - has a congenital defect and had 3 open heart surgeries) but has to continue on severely restricted activities for 6 months to a year and possibly forever. this is hard for a 12 year old, but we're hoping those arteries will grow.

i hope your stress test goes well. nick did really well with it and had no problems except some leg cramping during his first test. but he has a narrowed abdominal aorta too, so that might have caused some of the cramping.