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Hi everyone

I am new a new member and have been reading all of your postings finally felling like someone understands what I am going through. I also have white coat hypertension since the age of 15. I am soon to be 28 now. My blood pressure has gone up to 180/100 in the doctor's office but usually is 150/100 when I go. At home it is usually in the 130's-120's/70's. I have been to about 4 different doctors because I get so fed up with the look of shock when they take my blood pressure, like they have never heard of white coat syndrome before. Every time I go to see my doctor I bring in my sheet of home measurements and explain that I am always very anxious when I see doctors. They ALWAYS look at the list of readings with disbelief. Why in the world would I lie about my blood pressure readings?????? I am currently on Vasotec 5mg twice a day after trying metoprolol and gaining about 10lbs and feeling horrible. I don't find that the Vasotec really has improved my bp readings from what they were before I took meds (which were always normal). The metoprolol really improved my readings (they were almost on the low side) but I felt horrible on it. I feel my hbp is anxiety related (especially when I see doctors) and not one of the doctors I have visited seems to have any answers other than pushing meds. Every time someone even mentions “blood pressure” I can feel mine going up.

My point is, my husband and I would like to have kids but I am terrified about the many trips to the doctor's office and that constant look of shock and disbelief. I am okay with taking safe medication for hbp during pregnancy but would like some tips on how to deal with the shock and disbelief I always seem to receive from physicians. I often wonder if I am being improperly medicated but all the physicians I have been to don't seem to know the answers or what to do with me. HELP!!!