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I have high blood pressure and my husband and I would like to start trying ttc. I was originally on Vasotec (an ACE inhibitor) and had to switch to Methyldopa which is considered safe in pregnancy. I think that there is also another medication which is safe in pregnancy as well called Labetolol. I have been on Methyldopa for a couple of months and have found it does make feel tired all the time. I have posted a couple of questions on this board regarding pregnancy and hypertension and have found that not too many people are able to offer any advice. I guess it is not as common of problem as I thought.

From what I understand, if you and your physician are able to keep your blood pressure under good control with the above medications, your pregnancy should go just fine. Although, people with chronic hypertension prior to pregnancy do have an increased chance of developing pre-eclampsia. I am sure at your doctor's appointment, your physician will go through all of this with you. My physician is acutally sending me to see a specialist who deals with hypertension in pregnancy - just to be on the safe side.

Good luck!