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Consumer Reports did a study based on effectiveness, convenience and cost and found:
[QUOTE]For high blood pressure: benazepril, enalapril, and lisinopril
For heart failure: enalapril, captopril
After a heart attack: lisinopril
For diabetics: ramipril (Altace)
For people with kidney disease: benazepril, ramipril (Altace)
Four of these medicines are low-cost or moderately priced generics. All have been proven to be just as effective as or superior to other ACEIs. One Best Buy - ramipril (Altace) - is a brand-name drug for which no generic copy is yet available. Altace is moderately priced.

Personally, I would start with either the lisinopril or captopril and hope I wouldn't cough. (For me they are OUT because I couughed my head off with enalapril when it was the only ACE (Vasotec.)
Diabetics would probably be wise to start with the higher priced Altace.
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Cassiebel or Lenin:

Are you saying that the ACE's make your heart race? If so that is the last thing I need. Too bad I can't handle Beta Blockers because I know they slow the heart rate down. I tried a Beta Blocker with Clonidine and I was like a zombie. Couldn't handle that. I get really depressed because I am so addicted to the Clonidine.

I have taken three diferent ACEI over the years. Vasotec, Lisinopril, & Altace. only the altace had any effect on my heart rate and that was just a slight drop, like from 70 doen to 65. I do like Altace the best but if you have to pay full price it is expensive. The others all have a generic equivalent.