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hello all. havent been around much. havent been feeling well.
i got my blood culture results. shows: result 1 - no aerobic or anaerobic growth in five days. im guessing that is a good thing. but it only showed result 1. they took cultures from three different locations. wouldnt there be more then 1 result? maybe not, i dunno.
i also had cryoglobulin test done too. came back negative.
i'm still getting splinter hemorrhages in my fingernails.
new painful lumps/knots under the skin that i know are my veins but cant get anyone to look at the veins. they keep telling me veins dont feel like that. that its fatty tissue. i have these on my shins too. my legs arent fat. you can feel the shin bone then the lumps/knots. these lumps/knots (some are rope like)are everywhere. feet, lower legs, upper legs, thighs, waist, stomach, chest area, upper arms, lower arms, butt and shoulders, pretty much my whole body. some hurt and some dont. i my GP doctor refuses to run any more test until i seek mental help for my anxiety and ADD. i told her my anxiety is so high because no one will help me and i keep getting more painful spots.
my blood pressure keeps getting higher and higher and i'm on BP meds. 100mg of toprol xl and just started taking 2.5mg of vasotec.
i have muscle twiches through out body everyday.
protein in my urine and CAN'T GET ANY REAL HELP.

so.... adamace, how you been? i hope feeling better.

take care, Adam