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32 old male here... I was diagnosed with Labile Hypertension last August.

I have gone through 7 different medications:
Beta Blockers - Lopressor and Toprol
Calcium Channel Blockers - Norvasc, Cardizem, Calan, and Calan SR
Ace Inhibitor - Vasotec

The side effects on the beta blockers were bad dizzy spells. Doctor switched me to Norvasc and for 3 months it work but then it started speeding my heart rate up... Pulse went from 85 to 111.. Blood Pressure shot up and threw me into daily panic attacks. And the same symptons were happening with the other channel blockers and Ace Inhibitor. Cardizem helped slow down the heart rate and panic attacks stopped.. But it made my heart beat loud and slow... other side effects was insomnia, headaches, and dry mouth...

My blood pressure isn't that high... Highest it has been was around 145/96... but usually around 125-130/80-86..

Anyone else having the same issues and has anyone found a blood pressure medicine that works??? The only thing that slows my heart rate down is a Xanax when the pulse jumps above 100.

Any thoughts? Thanks.