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WOW I'm shock how can you people get sooooooooo high readings and still feel ok my bp hit 170/110 last week didn't feel right so I call a cab and went to the ER the gave me Vasotec IV hour later my bp was 135/89 and went home...I don't know what to do my mom think I'm crazy looking for way to lower it she told me stop thinking about it and it go away the unblance feeling or light headedness I can't even play with my god kids or play handball or even play video games..Or be on a treadmill for 20mins anymore since I been taken meds for about for 5 months

I don't think Norvasc 5mg work anymore last night my bp was 152/105 I was scared to go to sleep...

I change my doctor but he has time off until July 11 so I saw the one that taken his place she don't know much....I told her I still feel lightheaded and unblance and tired... somtime I feel so unblance it screds me and I just want to stay in bed also I have a strange feeling near the chest above the heart kind of the doctor told me have you hit your self there or somthing... I feel very self when she say that in my head I feel like telling them just run some test just to be sure I'm ok... Doctor need to start thinking about the people and a cure and study up on some issues and not let us worry....I should be living life I'm only 29 years olds..I change my lifestyle I don't eat meat or fish .and other things if you read my other posts.. It feel good to vent out thanks for listening lol and if there any other step to take please let me know we all trying to beat this thing