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Well, the doctor changed the medication to Vasotec 10 mg in the morning and 10 mg at night but i only taking 10 mg in the morning because my blood pressure is a percentage of 115/70 more o less is too low. I always have my BP 130/90
I still feeling with dizziness and very light headed. Like now I feel terrible very weak and with no energy. I need to see doctor August 7, 2007 and also I went to a neurologist to check my vertigos. I am afraid, because I am very worry. The doctor sent me to do some tests (ENG., BAER and Brain MRI w/and w/o contrast.
I will keep you inform
Well the results of all the test doctor ordered came back normal. It seems that my dizziness and lighthead is due to panic attack and stress.
I have an appoitment Sept. for my neurologist but he told me to take diazepam 10 mg night and morning. I understand that medication relax you but with half of the half in other words 2.5 mg i feel like I can not move.
I found out that medication is Valium Brand Name.
I like herbals and homopeathic medicines, can someone knows anything to relax and for the panic attack???
Please let me know.
Oh! I almost forgot my BP is 79/120 finally is normal after changing medication (3) in a percentage of 2 weeks.
I am taking now Vasotec 10 mg in the morning only.