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Surgery is next Friday, the 28th. I have a cold and hae had it for about a week. Is there anything I
should/could do to speed up my recovery? I don't want to be sent home!!!

Fever is under control, cough is mostly dry, chest is fine, throat isn't sore.

I'm taking acetominophen, when i go to bed and maybe once during the day. I don't take pain meds but I take vasotec for high bp (diagnosed 1/28/03). It's not high high, just borderline but my sweet doc says she wants me in the best shape possible. I keep telling her my bp will go down to my normal state of low bp when my son comes back from the Persian Gulf and the cops find & arrest my daughter's future ex who has threatened to either kidnap her daughters or kill her and get it over with.

Does anyone know if this kind of stress exacerbates neuro conditions?


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