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Hi Jackie,

So sorry you're going through this. I had the same problem both prior to surgery (3/28/03) and post-surgery. I still choke almost 5 months after but not as often... and I usually choke on my own spit!

BUT!!!... most of the choking wasn't because of my condition (severe cervical stenosis and DDD). It was because of my hypertension medication! If you're taking meds, for any condition but especially for high blood pressure, you might have to change them to another type... the most common culprit is the ACE inhibitor type of HBP medicine so if you need to change it, make sure your doctor switches you to another type, not one in the same family of meds.

I was so bad with the choking that I couldn't sit anywhere without placing a thick folded towel under me because I would pee on myself from the choking. It was an uncontrollable cough that wracked my body so badly it looked like I was having an apoplectic fit. It felt like my throat wanted to come out of my body!

Before I knew why it was happening to me, I used cough syrup to control it a bit before I left the house and to try to get some sleep at night. I also used a generic alcohol-free daytime med like day quil before I went to bed because night times were the worst for me! After my doctor eliminated my HBP medicine (Vasotec) and increased my diuretic, my uncontrollable coughing went away completely. Some choking remains due to the surgery (gag reflex was affected) but it doesn't happen every day, and I no longer need to sit on towels!

Hope you get relief soon hon...



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