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About 2 or 3 years ago I stopped taking my asthma preventative medication, which was an steroid based antiinflammatory inhaler.

I started looking for natural ways to control my asthma, and while I still need my ventolin inhaler sometimes during exercise, I have completely stopped the steroid medication because it was always giving me cracked lips, and I was a little concerned of the long term side effects.

Anyway, about six months ago I joined the gym, and I have been going about 5 days a week (one day for cardio alone)
I heard somewhere that Corticosteroid can cause muscle weakness, and bone thinning, which is why I am wondering if I will never be able to reach my full potential because of long term side effects of the steroids i was taking.

Just wanted some feedback from other people going to the gym who take, or used to take corticosteroids for respiratory or other conditions.