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Quote from sharon1030:
Hi Nancy,

I don't remember you being here before, so if you're new here, welcome. If you're not, ignore my last sentence :). I never heard of that drug. Does it have another name? Maybe someone else here can help you.

Sharon :)

Calan SR Covera-HS Isoptin Isoptin SR Verelan Verelan PM are the other names for it, they are calcium channel blockers(forgot the calcium in last post) I am new to this board and thanks for the welcome. I am newly diagnosed this year and we have tried neurontin amoung other drugs. my neurologist had hear the channel blockers slow the nerve impluses and it may be helpful in rsd. IT is fairly new drug being used for something other than it was intended like heart irregularities etc and also for asthma and other nerve disorders of which I also have. right now I am still in stage 1 and have been for 8 months or so and he is a believer in getting the treatment within the first year to prevent progression of the other stages. Maybe so I don't know enough about this one yet but will be reading up on it for sure.