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Hi Zuzu,
I have another question for you. I went to the doctor on Wednesday for a regular scheduled blood pressure check. It was 122/98. Soooo, he switched me to Verelan PM 200mg. I expected to have a higher heart rate the first day since I was coming off the bete-blocker, but this is now the 5th day with a heart rate of 120-150, depending on the activity. (If I sit real still and don't move or breathe, it might drop to 100 :D ) There is also right much tightness in my chest, and the heart beat isn't a regular beat...fast, then slow. The real clencher is that my blood pressure is higher now than it was on the sectral. (Especially the top number--135-140/90ish)
I know that the doctors don't seem as concerned with the bottom numbers anymore (although, mine obviously does), so should I maybe think about switching back to the sectral? Also, is there a possibilty that the Verlan hasn't "kicked in" yet...maybe give it a few more days?
Having not heard from you for a while, I was hoping (and thinking) things were A-OK with you finally!

Last we heard from you you were on a "cocktail" of Sectral, HCTZ, altocor and Prevacid. Your systolic #s were very good but your diastolic was hovering around the 90 mark, right? And you still were experiencing a heart rate of 100-120.

You have been up and down and around on this drug merry-go-round for months now.
Verelan (verapamil) is a slow calcium channel blocker. If it's extended release, you should be taking this a night.

Did your doctor wean you off the Sectral, or just have you switch overnight to the Verelan? It worries me somewhat if he made a sudden switch. Beta blockers, especially if you've been on them for some time, shouldn't be stopped cold turkey.

With your tachycardia, you always sounded like a good candidate for beta-blockade and there are a LOT out there to try, apart from Sectral. If the CCB effort doesn't work, it might be worth discussing Sectral again (with a dosage adjustment) or another beta.

You've been complaining of this chest tightness for months.
And now that you say your heartbeat is also irregular, I suggest a thorough evaluation by a cardiologist. Go further than a simple ECG and stress test.

Have you ever had an echocardiogram?

zuzu xxx