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My bp is running 90-100/50-70. This is for the last couple of weeks.

I'm still on 20mg Lisinopril daily. I cut a pill in half today and took a half, 10mg.

I'll monitor my bp regularly, I have my cuff here at work.

What do the doctor's do to wean you off bp med? My doctor told me to stay on the Lisinopril and see her in a month, but when it is showing 90/50 I'm worrying now that it's too low. I've been on the Lisinopril only since Jan 06.

I also stopped my Verelan PM 3 weeks ago.

What is the best way to wean off bp meds?

Hi Brendan,

So you spent about a week at each lower dose. Thanks.

When I started the bp meds in Dec 05 my bp was over 140/90. Specifically the day I started it was 160/100. I also started to taper off Wellbutrin XL 300 mg at the same time (on the slight chance this was causing the high bp).

I was on Verelan PM for a couple weeks, numbers were better but still frequestly over 140/90. Doc added 20mg Lisinopril Jan 2. (I have no idea why my doctor started me so high on both the Lisinopril and Verelan PM (300mg).)

Around Jan 20 I was totally off the Wellbutrin. My bp readings started to stabalize at <130/85 for a few weeks, then I stopped the Verelan Feb 14.

So, about 6 wks after stopping Wellbutrin, and within a week or so of stopping Verelan, my bp is 90-100/60-70.

I'm 51 and always had "good" bp 120/80 or less up untill the last year or so, and that seems to coincide with the Wellbutrin. I really didn't think the Wellbutrin was causing the high bp, so it wasn't until just recently that I'm thinking the Wellbutrin was causing the high bp.

Thanks for your reply.