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Thanks all I swear I kept waiting for a reply and dumb me didn't see the page 2 at the bottom till now. So sorry my reply has taken so long. Ever since my 2nd dentist shaved my teeth down I was killing the first 2 days after. I even went to the er this past friday for some help. Of course they found nothing with the cat scan and I never said anything about having tmj.

They gave me a prescription for vicodin and valium for a muscle relaxer. I haven't taken it yet becuz the last time I took a muscle relaxer (flexeril) everything seemed to hurt worse. I'm not in as much pain as I was Friday, but still have it in my right upper and lower molars and same with the left.

For some reason, and maybe some of you could shed some light on this, lately I've been having horrible headaches, jaw aches and pain and some pain in the right ear, which I know are all common with tmj, I just can't believe I have went from having 1 major problem to know having all these along with the teeth.

Shell, yes I have 2 girls one 4 and the other will be 2 next week. I just wish I could be a better mom than what I have been lately.

Tomorrow I see this tmj specialis in my area. He gives free consults so I thought i would check it out, can't hurt. Also on his site he states that if he cannot relieve 95% of your pain he will refund your money. So hey maybe he is worth a shot. His name is Dr. Hamalghi ( I believe that is the correct spelling ) anyway hopefully I will find some helpful things out. Do people ever get rid of this or is it a life long struglle? Talk to you guys soon take care