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Dear members of the board first i want to say hello! Well let me start off tellig you my story. On 11-6-2002 i was occuppied as a aviation mechanic working on things for United Airlines and other aviational compinies. See i am only 23 years old. Ok well on 11-6-2002 i was working with a co worker and we ran out of gas in our welder at work. So me and the co worker went to a gas supplier hear in Denver Colorado to fill them up. See those things are heavy when they are empty if you know what i mean. Well the guy at the gas place brought a new container out with a dolly and me and the co worker started to place it in our work truck. Well my co worker kinda fumbled with his end a little dropping his end well hear is a 210 pound 5'11" man taking the weight of the cylinder that weighed well over 300 pounds or more. Well the weight of the canister caused my L-4 L-5 to L-5 to S-1 discs to have annular tears in them. Well for six months i have been in pain taking Vicodin, Percocet, Diladid, Naperson, Flexiaral, Morphin, Volume. To say the least i have been druged up every day of my whole injury since day one. I then hade some type of growth in my back in the same region as the ruptered discs area. I was taken to the emergency room and spent 6 days at a hospital in Denver Colorado. During the time i was in the hospital the aspirated my lower back to rule out a infection. Results no infection but no reason what caused the liquid sweeling in my back that took away my ability to walk. Know four weeks after the whole hospital thing i went out to have a discogram and the test so positive that the discs in that region are the pain source that is giving me all the pain. So on 4-22-2003 that was this Tuesday which was yesterday i set down with my surgion and he said that i should have a fusion of the L-4 to L-5 and L-5 to S-1 area. Well the pain i am living with right know is what makes me whant to go through with the surgery. Well know for my ? to you all first how long of a recovery time after the surgery am i looking to be in the hospital? Then he said they are going in from the front so what type of scare am i looking at post op? Third how will my life change and what types of things can i not do? Remember i am only 23 years old. And on the pain how long is the pain post op?