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Ok, here's my deal. When my son was born 2 1/2 years ago, I went in for my 6 week check-up and my doctor then said he felt a hard mass in my right ovary. Then he went on to say he wasn't worried about it and it would probably go away on its own. During my annual check-ups since then, he's basically said the same thing. I was ok with this since he said it wasn't getting any bigger and I wasn't in any pain. Since then I have changed doctors because I got married and have military insurance.

Well in March, I was starting to feel pain in my right ovary so I went to my new doctor and they did an u/s and found that I had a TUMOR in my right ovary that was 4 cm. They told me they didn't feel the need to do anything right then except give me Vicodin! [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif[/img] They told me to give them a call if the pain got worse. Go figure... :mad:

Since March, the pain has gradually been getting worse so this past Thursday, I called the doc and they had me come in to get checked. When she was checking my right ovary, I saw a look of shock/horror come across her face, which instantly sent me into a panic. She told me that the tumor had more than doubled in size in just over 4 weeks! :eek: Then she said that it needed to be removed immediately and that she needed to find me a surgeon. Well, she had to call around off base because our clinic here is very small and they don't do surgery and the closest military hospital is 2 hours away. She came back and told me that she needed to send me to the ER because all of the gynocological surgeons in our area were booked solid! GRRR...

So my hubby takes me to the ER where the doctor I got was a complete a$$hole. He tells me that no matter what the hell my doctor says, they will not operate on me unless the tumor had already ruptured. EXCUSE ME...he called my doc and she told him that the whole point of my being there was so that it could be removed BEFORE it ruptured. Well they take my blood, do TWO pelvic exams, which hurt like hell because of how mad the doctor was at me, then they put in a catheter and did an abdominal and vaginal u/s. While the tech was doing the u/s, she asked if I had any pain on my left side as well as my right and I said no. Then she asked if my hubby and I were planning on ever having any children and I told her that I already had 3 kids. She looked at me amazed and told her assistant to call the doctor asap. Meanwhile, I'm flat on my back on this bed wondering what the hell is up! Basically what was found is that the tumor in my right ovary is now almost 10 cm. and they discovered that I have ANOTHER tumor in my left ovary that no one knew anything about that is almost 13 cm. :( How great is that? AND, the doc says that my uterus and cervix appear to be severely damaged and that I should never have been able to have children period. So the ER gives me more Vicodin and says have your doc find you a surgeon in the morning.

So I called my doc in the morning and she finally gets ahold of a very prominent surgeon in my area and tells me to call there and make an appointment and tell them that she will fax over the referral. I call them and they say they have to receive the referral first before they can give me an appointment and that once they get the referral, they will call me back with the appointment. My doc calls me and says ok she sent them the referral. I waited all day Friday for these idiots to call me back and they never did. I called them and they told me that the doctor needed to look over the referral and make an assessment on how severe my case is! So I called my doc back to tell her what they said and she was pissed! I don't know if she got to talk to them before the office closed on Friday or not. Basically, she said my tumors are growing about 1 cm per day and that I have 2 very large baseballs in my ovaries. Now it's Sunday and I can barely walk. I have been in constant pain and the Vicodin is not working one bit! I feel like I am going to pass out from the pain any second. I am also scared to death because my family has a huge history of ovarian cancer and that is all my doc has been talking about!

Why the hell is it so hard for these people to remove these tumors from my body??? :mad: [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/bigcry.gif[/img]

Rest In Peace, Laci & Connor.
May God Embrace Your Souls & Bring Your Family Peace.

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