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You should post on the back problems and the pain management board here. You will receive a better response since most people there have similar problems. The previous poster made a good point in stating that an MRI seems like the next logical step. Ask your doctor to refer you, and please watch out with a lot of anti-inflamatory drugs, they will eat the lining of your stomach or give you other stomach problems. If the pain is bad say they are not working and can you try something else. Don't ask for a specific med, they frown on that. Let the doctor decide but let them know what your doing now doesn't help and your in pain, and it's effecting your quality of life, your family, and work. Hope this helps..

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* 27 years old, male
*Chronic upper back pain for about 6 years, recently getting really bad, really stiff in the morning takes forever to get going, lasts all day everyday.
*Crackling sounds from rib cage area across upper and middle back when stretching.
* Pain, tightness and burning all day long, usually ranges from a 4 through 9 depending on the day and how my body wants to react. Usually it's at least a 6/7 all day recently, used to be an annoying 3/4 all day, which I lived with but hated.
*Problem areas are mainly around breastbone area of chest, across shoulder blades, dead center upper back, upper shoulders and back of neck. Feels as if it's muscles and bones/joints, possibly ribs.
*Muscles spasms, had a couple that were severe enough to go to ER, felt like I was having a heart attack, pain radiated through upper back to chest area.
*Taking Vicodin 5/500 Soma 350 and Celebrex 200, which also helps somewhat but not to where I am not bothered by the pain, burning, tightness ect..
*Chiropractic 3 years, PT on and off again, all of which produces results that do not last for more than the day I have them.
*Can't remember any trauma I had that would have caused all this. Don't understand how it's getting worse.
*Can't really do anything, lifting, heavy physical ect.. Try and walk and stretch when I can.
*Still undiagnosed and waiting

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