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I had something very similar happen to me. It could be related to the repetitive motions of lifting.

I had done lifting & shifting of heavy material (a pallet load) that triggered a repeat stress injury, shifting the objects forward, to the left and right using both arms. The second day after the strain (which slowly crept up on me-no shoulder or arm pain until the second day). Realizing, the shoulder pain started to surface because I kept taking anti-inflammatory (overdosed). The pain grew steadily worse. I called the doctor on call & told him the story, was in a makeshift sling and needed something for the unbearable pain & was trying to avoid going to the emergency room. He issued a generic of vicodin...

Note: I had carried heavy material 15 feet and did not see the 2 x 4-could not see beyond material in hand, stepping on it-twisting my right ankle, dropping the stone and broke my fall with (full force of bodyweight) on the left hand/arm. That was the straw that broke the camels’ back. I took the medicine, it did not help. The pain brought me to tears. Usually extreme pain will make me feel faint and queazy, cause ^bp, shock, so that was excruciating.

A long story longer, called doc again, medication isn't helping, he gave me something else. The combo knocked me out finally. Next day did not help and finally went to the ER. They took exrays of shoulder-no calcifications or bony changes. At this point it was extremely difficult to dress or do anything. With the hurt arm, hardly. I could move it a bit bringing the arm forward. From the elbow to hand it was fine. It was the shoulder. The doctor told me to relax my muscles. As I did this, he lifted my arm and asked me to hold it. I could! How strange was that? He told me it was bursitis and tendonitis. They gave me an injection of an anti-inflammatory, put me in a sling and wrapped a wide ace bandage around the body with this in place to keep the shoulder immobilized. They iced the shoulder. He asked if I had a tetanus shot, no-so he gave me one. He told me to avoid the vicodin as it is addictive and gave me a script for a different medication. It did'nt ocur for me to tell him about the fall because I thought it was due to the lifting. Forget sleeping. I had to sleep on my stomach with ice packs under that shoulder carefully to find a comfort zone where I could get shut-eye.

The medications eventually took the edge off with minimal pain reduction-out of commission. I used ice, gel, pain patches, medication, immobilization, rest-you name it. The wrist then started to bother me (a day later). I could not keep the wrap on without that wrist hurting. I had placed a rolled sock a closed hand to keep the wrist somewhat mobilized. That's when I knew it was the fall that did it. I think I sprained it. That did not bother me while in the ER. Then a day after that my neck hurt like mad-bought a c-collar. That could have been from the strain of the sling portion wrapped around neck. What a mess. Took Celebrex for that. This pain was up there with the pain of a fracture, sprain, dislocation, torn ligaments or a broken ankle in 2 places. I think when ligaments or tendons or muscles rip it is injured until it heals-so the pain reflects that trauma.

As I learned, lifting is not too good for the bursa. Athletes suffer repeat stress injuries and frozen shoulder. I still have problems and don't have full use of the left shoulder. The deltoid and nerve in the underside of the upper arm are still problematic. This was in July. I did follow-up with a newbe doc. I was given a referral for pt. I will be going to the doc and asking them if it could be a result of a tare not healing or if I just need pt. The other shoulder has been barking. I'm sure this is from that lifting. I was helping family out. Nice present ay?

You may want to consider an alternative to weightlifting. I have retired from lifting rocks :bouncing: .

Peace ! G

ps: If prescribed constipating medications be sure the doctor includes a script for a stool softener (that is customary-so I've read) to avoid becoming impacted. Trust me. Nuff said!