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This is 2 anyone who can help me! Aug 24 i had a very weird persistant pain in my lower right tooth..so i thought it felt like my tooth! And every day it lingered unless i took aspirin.So i took aspirin everyday from tht day until Sept 3 when the pain got sooo bad no pain killers not even Vicodin worked!I went to the dentist Sept 3 am and he said the xrays of tht tooth was normal,then later Sept 3 pm the pain was soo bad sleep was impossible.Sept 4 i went 2 the ER nothing was found,they gave me pain killers,and antibiotics! Sept 5 went to the ER nothing was found...still the pain continued,later that night i pressed on a nerve in the area in my lower jaw where all this is goin on and my lip tingled and went numb and has been numb ever since and then i woke up the next day and my lower jaw right where the nerve i pressed is located was swollen and was hard to touch! Went to the ER again thought i had a abscess, well i went back to the dentist again today..xrays are fine no signs of infection and he said he is sure of it,but the swellin is still there it has went down but its there and i am also having itching,and a dull pain right outside my ear! The dentist said i grind my teeth that why i have pain but he said the swelling he cant explain,can someone plzz help me i am terrified! The pain is still here,itching,and swelling whats going on?

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