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Thanks for the reply. The Dr. just seems kind of doubtful that the mylegram will show anything. I honestly think he's just out of ideas. I've been on the anti-inflammatory medicine as well as generic vicodin and generic xanex.
The vicodin doesn't really help unless I take two (never tried to take more) and the xanex puts me out of it if I take two (not safe to work, etc.)
Just to elaborate on my pain, it feels like something that "connects" my lower neck (more on the right side) and my right shoulder. If I turn my neck to the extreme left it feels like the nerver (or wahtever it is) is being stretched and the pain goes into my shoulder. ALso if I tilt my head really far back/forward.
The pain also shoots into my upper right arm from my shoulder down to about half way to my elbow.