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I feel soooooo bad for you! I know it is ungodly awful pain. I have to say that it WILL get better, it just takes so long. I took my liquid Vicodin for about 10 days, weaning off it slowly. I am 15 days post op and have just a mild sore throat. I did find that as soon as I could get by with less or no Vicodin, my nausea, dizziness and overall yucky feeling started to get a little better. If you find ice chips soothing, try making a slushie in the blender with Gatorade (for electrolytes). Just don't use orange or lemon lime flavors as they are more "citrusy". I had some coughing troubles at about days 11-14 especially at night and thought I would die if I didn't get some good sleep. Are you using an ice pack on your throat? It is really helpful for pain AND swelling. I also lost about 7 lbs in about 4 days but it's all back now. Good luck and hang in there!

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Thanks for all the advice. I'm on day 6 now status post surgery but it hasn't gotten any better yet. It still feels like its increasing in pain. The first two days were fine no problems then the pain started travelling to my ears. I can barely go four hours without the Percocet but then I keep having the nausea. I had a trip to the emergency room two nights ago because started throwing up and couldn't keep anything down. I have to rely on phenergan suppositories to help with the nausea and tylenol with codeine in between the Percocet for the pain. My doctor actually suggested to me to just try and get by with tylenol because everything else was making me nauseous and I tried for all of about five hours before I was screaming out of my head and beating the walls. Now I'm doing whatever I can to keep the pain down to a dull ache. He literally burned out my entire throat because my tonsils were so invasive and infected. He took out from the fascia fold at my molars all the way up to my top palate and around to the back and down my throat as far as you can see. I'm sleeping in intervals of three hours at the most and as soon as I wake up I have to spray with chloraseptic to wet my mouth because it's so dry. I've only been able to tolerate tepid tea and chicken broth. Jello is even too thick to be tolerated well. I keep telling myself the pain has to lesten up soon but when. I'm too the point now where I wish I hadn't done it because I'm in such misery. I'm only on the computer now because I've just dosed myself the Percocet and Tylenol with codiene. I just wanted to share my misery with the only people who I know can sympathize with me. I wish I had an accurate scale because I'm sure I've lost 10 pounds by now. Oh, did anyone else have coughing fits and cough up great huge green globs of ick because I am. Well, that's all for now. I'm feeling really dizzy, one of the fun side effects, so I'm going to lay back down now. Good luck to all out there and keep in touch.