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This is so long so please be patient. I was diagnosed with rsd in feb and started lumbar blocks for right foot. on the 8th block on september 17th, the er was cold and someone touched me. i spasmed so hard i lifted off the table, raising my neck and legs. then i felt a stinging sensation and then i was put out fast. when i woke up i was jerking off the table on right side. i couldn't get dressed. i kept this up for days. finally it seemed to subside a little, then the muscle pain in right hip started, really deep down hurting. i called the pain doc who did the procedure, never got past his nurse. they prescribed flexeril, parafon forte, valium, vicodin. none of which helped pain. they ordered an x-ray which was normal and mri of hip. never called back.

the pain has now gotten so bad, the large muscles in both legs are cramping and the hip is so bad i can't sit or stand for very long. walking is difficult as i can feel all the muscles in my hip moving. i am getting electrical shocks along my waist and have a severe headache and nausea. the side still spasms. I still have feeling and can go the bathroom so no loss of bowel function.

so i called the pain doc, no call back, no nuttin. very angry, so off to primary doc. he immediately ordered mri of lower back and said this ain't your hip girl. i think it's nerve damage or something.

please let me know what you think. i'm waiting on the mri results and i'm scared to death. hubbie says i'm overweight and it's just a pulled muscle. phooey on him. i know pain and this ain't a pulled muscle. true, i'm 5 foot and 180 right now but something is wrong here people.

Nobody is going to dare come at me with a needle, no way. Oh and I'm trying to work full time with an ******* for a boss, no understanding there. luckily no kids at home, just hubbie and dog so resting is not aproblem.

Oh, help, please....................