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Hi everyone,

About two weeks ago I began noticing pain in my lower abdomen that extended into my lower left abdomen. I thought perhaps because I'd been having constipation problems, I'd take Milk of Magnesia and see if that helped. Of course, it cleaned me out and relieved the pressure but I still have a dull burning pain in my lower left abdomen, so I decided to go to the ER on Friday and the doctor diagnosed diverticulosis (not diverticulitis as he said that I didn't describe the pain as acute and increasing). They did the standard blood and urine workup and found no evidence of elevated white blood cells and everything else appeared normal. I didn't have a fever or chills or nausea or vomiting during any of this and still haven't, yet he prescribed two antibiotics (Flagyl and Levaquin) for me. In fact, he seemed a bit hesitant to do so but he said that this was standard protocol for this diagnosis and to try them and see if that didn't help. He also gave me a prescription for Vicodin too and to follow up with a doctor for a CT scan.

My question is this: is it prudent to take antibiotics for this when no evidence of infection exists? This doesn't seem right to me as I know that antibiotics are constantly overprescribed and even unnecessarily prescribed. My pain is dull and fluctuates (more intense when I need to have a BM or I'm gassy) and then other times hardly even noticeable at all. In fact, taking Tylenol clears the pain right up.

I have to confess that I also have anxiety and panic attacks so I'm extremely leary to taking medications that I've never used before, particularly antibiotics because of their potential for severe reactions.

I also read a report online that said that most cases of diverticulitis actually spontaneously resolve themselves over time and that no studies have ever been done to conclude that antibiotic therapy helps.

Maybe I'm just too cynical and paranoid, but I question anything that doctors want to put into me or do to me and research it until I can make an informed decision.

BTW, I have filled the prescriptions but there still sitting on my counter unused as I've not yet determined if I need them or if I feel comfortable enough to take them.

Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.