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Hi everyone,

Ok, so I've got the DDD at several levels in my neck, topped off by a herniation at C7-T1. And significant damage to the long thoracic nerve in the right shoulder, causing the burning pain right at the skin all around that right shoulder. This is just to prime the question.

For almost a week now, I've had a virtual perpetual headache. I'll get very small breaks, occasionally, but more or less I have some degree of a headache for the whole day. Sometimes very mild, sometimes not. The first thing I'll say, for many years now it seems (even before all my CP) I would sometimes get headaches that would last for days at a time. Don't know what that means exactly. But I have a few things to point at now, that I'd like to see if it tips off anything to anyone. Like, for about the last month I've been doing a new job that has me looking at a computer screen all day, save for 2 breaks and a 30 minute lunch (it's a data entry gig, that I only took thru a temp agency because I haven't been able to find film work around here). Now I've certainly become an avid personal computer user the last few years, but like I said, this is ALL DAY (including what personal stuff I still do at home, like gee, what I'm doing right now :)

Not that's a difficult job by any stretch, but I'm usually pretty focused during it, the bosses tell me I'm the best performer of the new temps by far. My original thought was that this xtra computer screen time was pushing the HA's. But then a couple days ago a coworker asked if it might be sinus related. That hadn't occured to me, after all I haven't had much problem with runny nose, etc lately, but I have been noticing that whenever I inhale thru my noise (most of the time obviously) that little gust of air seems to make this acute little wave of pain in my head.

Now, I have been taking Methadone 5mg for about 3.5-4 months now for all the neck and shoulder stuff. At first it was steady 3x day, but now for the last 1.5 month my doc has wanted me taking 2 for 15 days, 3 for 15 days. He's not big overall on the use of all these narcotics for this, especially since, as he just told me last week, he forsees this problem taking a good long time to get fixed (but this idea I think I've mentioned before). Anyway, like I haven't had enough to worry about, for about the last month I've had a world of tooth ache pain from one that cracked in half about 4-5 months ago (but didnt hurt til now-cavity problem). I've been using a lot of oral aenesthetic gel, and taking Ibuprofen too, but as many of you know, not all pain meds work on all pain. While the Meth has helped my nerve problems (though I'd sure feel more comfy being able to just take 3 everday), that tooth pain, and now headache pain, just keeps punching through inbetween, and with a vengeance. When I talked to my PM about this (well, just the tooth, the HA's weren't much then), he asked why I didn't just get something from the dentist. To make a long story short at this point of the story, I'll just say that I wasn't able to get an additional short acting narcotic from the dentist, just Ibuprofen (what were the odds?) and they were kinda jerky about it. I feel I could use something like at least Norco 10's for this (I've taken them before) just 2x day, no more than 3 on bad days, and this way I could more easily stick to the 2x day on the Meth. But I'd even be happy with Vicodin 5's at this point. I've been taking the Meth 3 everyday so far, and even took 4 one day. :(

But I'm sorry, I kind of got off on a tangent there. What brought me here with this is, with these kinds of headaches I"m getting (and not the tooth, I know why that is), does this perhaps sound to anybody like it could have anything to do with the disc problems in my neck? Any experience with this anyone?

Well thank you very much for reading this all, and I will very grateful for any replies. At least tomorrow is the last day of my work week, so I won't have to be on a computer so much (though hey, if I get a load of responses, I guess I will! But if I were to, that's at least worth looking at the screen for awhile :)

Thanks everybody, I hope you're all doing ok