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I don't know Derek/Deda - I think this requires more thought because it's sooooo debateable. On one hand I say they should be responsible for putting nicotine or any highly addictive drugs into cigs to keep people addicted. I think they should be stopped on that front and only make regular cig's or take the nicotine out if it's possible. Who knows - maybe tobacco grows that way with it in it so ???????

Not to mention, the history of cigs - people WAY BACK in the day - did not know they were killing people when they started tobacco companies (if I'm not mistaken).

I guess I see it like this - for some cigs are not addictive - they don't like it and won't smoke period. Some people - are alcoholics and find alcohol HIGHLY addictive, but for others it's not. For others - certain sweets or sugar or foods are highly addictive and make some obese because they have uncontrollable urges to eat and die of heart disease or diabetes or numerous other diseases.

So I guess my point is this - if you truly believe that - then you have to look at every other item or store or company out there providing services that are contributing to people's deaths and the list could be very long. Sort of like "if an alcoholic goes into a bar and asks for a drink - if the bar serves them and they die - should Jack Daniels or the bar be held responsible?" Makes ya think huh? Also - things are beatable - you just have to make up your mind to say you don't want it.

Just like presription drugs - should drug companies be responsible for people getting addicted to vicodin or other pain killers or any other drugs out there, but yet they're needed to save others lives or make them more comfortable? I think at some point - people are responsible for their own destinies as well. It's sad overall - but I don't feel it's 100% their fault. I was a bada** teenager and wanted to be cool and KNEW drugs, alcohol, and smokes were bad or that your parents didn't want you to do it and I did not care and did it anyway.

Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmm......

Now your thoughts? :)