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So my doctor read the results of my ultrasound and there are 3 nodules on the left thyroid. Next week I am going for a 2 day thyroid scan. They told me not to take vitamins 3 days prior. I take vicodin for migrane headaches which I know I will have. Does that mean no vicodin either? More importantly, I am so, so scared. My 10 year old is sleeping and I am sitting here crying and wondering, will I have cancer. Is it time to pay my dues? Funny how we start to make promises to God. They tell me from the scan it will determine how to treat the nodules. They are 1 1/2 centimeters (can't spell) in size, solid. Just too much sometimes. I got fired from a job over a year ago. Shocked, but dealt with it. Knee surgery 6 months ago. I know I am so, so fortunate and I am sorry to even complain when this is nothing compare to what other people are going through but, I am still scared. This board is so helpful and thank God it's out there.