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Hi everyone
Iam a 34 yr old female in pretty good health, on Wednesday i developed a
very intense painful swelling in my right arm, i cant extend it at all . I went to the hospital on thurs , took xray no break, no nerve damage, just fluid /swelling, he gave me vioxx and vicodin I had a very bad reaction so I am sticking to advil.
A few months ago i had painful swollen bumps on my armpits, never found out what it was and it disappeared as quick as it came, Ireally dont want that to happen again, maybe some suggestions could help me out.

when my doc retruns from vacation next week I will go to see her (if i can stand the pain that long) Today it felt considerably better for awhile but now it is back with full force and the swelling seems worse.
Any suggestions on what this sounds like?

thanks for listening i am a bit scared