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Thanks everyone for the information. You are great!
My biggest problem right now is trying to function til I see this specialist and hopefully he'll have better answers/options for me. For now I'm just taking what my GP has given me. I've been on or am on Skelaxin (One week's worth was $53 and it didn't help me anyways so I asked the doc for something with a generic), the generic for Flexeril, Vioxx (I had to go off of cuz it was giving me gut pains and with my Crohn's that's a bad sign), and flurbiprofen (anti-inflammatory). I even took a Vicodin that wasn't prescribed but left over from my daughter's teeth being pulled. Nothing but laying down gives me any relief. I only work part-time but that's even getting difficult.
I'm trying to avoid going to the GP again cuz I'm saving what money I can for whatever treatment the ortho spine guy comes up with but 'yikes!' those figures are scary!
Once again, thanks for your input.