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Thanks for such a positive welcome back! Your postings gave me great hope as I went into my surgery. Thank you...really.
I am currently on oxycontin twice a day and vicodin every 4 -6 hours. I am trying to go once a day on the oxycontin and see how it goes. I feel good enough to be up 5 times a day for brief walks. I am going to ask my doc how far I can go. What do you think as I start week 2? I know the tendency to over do it will be the thing i need to keep in check most. Also did your doc let you sleep in any position or did he/she limit you to your back?

I have not been around of late so forgive me for not knowing the reason for your fusion. I have been told that docs are highly selective in choosing who is a good candidate for this surgery. I am sure your doc has done this. If so, think positive starting NOW. The surgery is big true..but it can ultimately provide you a relatively pain free and active existance.
Please let me know if you have any specific questions.
God bless,
Hi Tony:

So glad to hear how well you are doing after surgery. Do be careful not to overdo things, even if you feel you can. The pain medication can be deceiving and make you feel better than what you really are therefore it encourages you to do more. Ask your doctor how long and how far you can walk. My doctor told me to walk 4 times a day but to take it easy because the muscles in your back are still recovering. I would walk this huge block which was probably close to a half a mile. If I found myself going to fast I really paid for it after. I didn't start that kind of walking till weeks after surgery.

It is ok to switch positions while sleeping in bed. I couldn't sleep in same position more than one hour at a time. I would start hurting and would have to move. I started weaning off my meds at 6 weeks postop. I was on Vicodin ES only.

Keep up the positve attitude and remember Rome wasn't built in a day. It takes time to heal. I am now 9 months post op and still have some nerve pain, but it is better than what it was. I have found that weather greatly affects how I feel.

Have a great day!