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I am taking neurontin 2100mgs, fentanyl patch, vicodin, clonidine, flexorils. I am going for my second sympathectomy today. Both of my feet burn, side of arms and back of hands, with a lot of numbnesses. My sympathectomy seemed to loosen up my feet and hips. Not sure if they will use this info. to do a permanent sympathect. or not. I feel like a zombie
with intermittent sleep. I tried ambien but woke soon after it wore off and burn burned and red hot burned, LOL. Good luck, hope to read more in your thread. BobbyJ
Whelp, I just started with all these meds like 2 months ago, but here goes...
I'm on 25 mgs of Topamax, I was on Neurontin, like everyone else, but it made me sick. I was on hydrocodone and vicodine and morphine for pain but now I'm on 4 mg of Hydromorphone. For my spasms and shaking in my arm I'm on Baclfen, 10 mg I find if my arm isn't shaking all the time it hurts less too. I'm on Ambien which works great, and then Lexapro so I'm not all crazy emotional on everyone. I had one to many crying outburst for me to handle since I've been diagnosed, I wasn't a crier before I had this so when I all of a sudden was crying like every other day I knew I needed something... So far everything seems to be helping... I'm still like adjusting my dosages though since I was just diagnosed about 2-3 months ago.... I've been told I don't have it real bad that's why my dosages aren't so high, guess I'm pretty lucky.