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Hi all, I wrote a few days ago about pain at night but thought of a few more questions. I started feeling this pain around the 8th mo. of being pregnant. Thought I was having a heart Attack or the worst bout of heartburn in my life. Felt like I had squeezed myself into an inner tube around my chest and was stuck that way. Couldn't sleep hardly at all. This went on til I had the baby. Then about a month later it started all back up. (I think being on Vicodin and recovering from C-section and excitement of new baby after trying for 10 years masked the pain.) Anyways baby is a year now and Im still in pain. Finally after seeing numerous Drs. I went to Chiro and He said Around 7-8mo. in Pregnancy body releases hormone called Relaxin to get body ready to have baby. Sometimes too much is released causing Body to kind of loose its memory. In my case two vertabrae have stepped out and tilted out of alignment causing nerves to be pinched and my neck bones are curving in the opposite direction they were intended to be. Maybe I,m hoping for a miracle :angel: here, I guess we all are! But If this make sense to someone PLEASE help me. I know I'm not alone but it sure feels that way sometimes. Thanks for letting me ramble.