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That was a great detailed explanation of your process. Thank you.
My level pain is about 2 all day, but many days from 2pm to about 5 it increases to about 8-9 in the scale. Sometimes makes me cry. I think the crying is because I get depressed. But then again on those days, about 5pm it gets better. When gets better I take the opportunity to work out. It really does help, but I don't understand why it increases about those hours. I don't do strenuous work, but I do sit a lot. When pain increases I lay down and I lift up my legs in a 90 degree position. I let my legs rest on the chair while laying on the floor. That really relief my pain. My Dr says I don't have my pinched nerve anymore, but I do have arthritis on that disc (L5-S1) but it will eventually get better. Don't get it. I often think if I don't have a pinched nerve, why when I sit down gets me worse. It is like I put pressure therefore it pinches... you know what I mean?

I do take a Vioxx or a vicodin when I want nothing to ruin my day, otherwise, i try to go by with a Tylenol, and some days nothing at all. But I am like you, I feel better when I have something. Never had problem with my foot either prior to op. I tried to do Yoga, but I could not do any of the bending exercises. Swimming is a blessing for me. I will find info on "tranverse abdominal" exercise.. that sounds very interesting. Thanks for all that info, it has really helped.

I need to be more determined and strong minded to work out like you do. When I do it, it does really help. My weakness is getting down because of the pain, that sometimes makes me skip working out.

BTW, i did have a lot of constipation after surgery

[size=-2]-Back Problems since 08/25/2001
-3 Nerve block injections (helped first couple of months, then would wear out)
-Changed insurance from Kaiser to UH. Kaiser gave me the run around all the time.
-Saw new NS under new insurance. 5 days later: Had hemilaminectomy/discectomy on Right side L5-S1 (07/16/2003)
-03/2004, feel better 50% but still have pain EVERY *@#$%&!! day.
-I am 37