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Hi, it's just on my mind because, ... While I was sleepy, I reached for a bottle that looked like it was my vicodin e.s. and took it. I tried to sleep, but I couldn't. Hours and hours went by. I began to have nightmares, but I wasn't really sleeping. I was achy, itchy, aggitated and tons of other horrible things. When I checked the bottle it was Robaxin that I had taken and not my Vicodin e.s. I took it right away and began to feel better. I have so many other issues at this time, but I am completely addicted to Vicodin and even though I have cut down a bit, I can't picture being physically able to cut down any further. Even though it's in the furture sometime, I don't think I will be able to quit taking it. I was just wondering, why I don't see much of this topic here? Maybe it's because there are so many other more important things to talk about? What's the worst case senario for getting off of it someday? Anyone know? Thanks a lot......................Jag
Thanks for the reply. I have been taking it a long time. Vicodin for about two months and Vicodin E.S and Talwin NX for about Nine months! I suppose I don't have to deal with it right now, and I'm not at all looking forward to it. I hope you are all doing well......................... Jag
I have the duregesic 50 patches, norco (vicodin 10mg),and diasapam. When times are tough we bring out the big guns if we can break a 10mg in half and do ok with that good. If tylenol or aspirin is sufficient for a period then I stop the narcs and stick with the least needed. The sweating out period is a good 24 hours all right. hate that but you need to prove to yourself that you can do it when you can (when the pain level is down) after a few times enduring withdrawls you know that it will all iron out when you get fixed and higher pain relief is no longer required. I go from duragesic to breaking a 10 in half after six hours I don't take anymore. 10-12 hours later it starts to hit me so I time it out so that the sweating is done at night with 25 mg of amytriptlyine. The towel is for your pillow. I don't know if this is textbook and please dont take it as advice, I am by all mean not a doc. Just another guy that knows what you are going through.

Good luck. Mark.
Thanks Mark. It's just with the duration that I've been on extra strenth vicodin, I don't know if I can just taper down and stop. I wish I could do that thing where they put you to sleep and you wake non addicted. How great would that be? Okay, someday I will deal with this. Thanks again...........Jag