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Hi Carol and Janice,

Yes I do have nerve inpinchment, c5-6, as well a formainal narrowing and a buldging disk. I am seeing a spine specialist. We did a ESi and it made my pain worse for a couple of weeks and then no change..

My meds only help a little, I stay at pain level aound a 6 with my meds 7+ with out them. PT has not help much.

I really don't want to have surgery if I can help it...

I can't tell if the tens unti is helping or not, I used it last night, it seemed to help with the muscle spams I get but not with the other pain( stabbing and burning)

Well see, I see by Pm doc again in a couple of weeks. My GP is the one who perscribes my meds, she is great but I am afarid to ask to go any higher w/ the vicodin.

I think that when I see my spine doc I will ask him about my meds and see if he will try to adjust them, and them my Gp can just continue the rx.

Thanks for responding !