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Hi babybird and welcome to the boards! :wave:
You know, if you have swelling, I would take anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen or Aleve. Tylenol is more of a pain relief medicine and doesn't help with inflammation. I haven't had experience with your particular surgery, but I just had an IDET last Monday (8 days ago). My surgeon gave me Vicodin for the pain, but right now I am just taking Aleve and it is really helping keeping the swelling down. I notice the difference immediately when it wears off! :eek: It's over-the-counter so you don't need a prescription.

I am homebound too so I understand your frustration. Hang in there... you will heal with time.

Feel free to post any questions or just vent... the people here are very supportive and knowledgeable :)

Best wishes,
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