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Hey Goody,

I found the data from some of the more recent studies I was looking for regarding choice of pain for meds for resections. Sorry it took me so long.

Diverticular Disease of the Colon
by Thomas V Taylor, MD, Mark O Tucker, MD and Alan M Adelman, MD, MS, Best Practice of Medicine. January 2003.
Last modified January 29, 2003.
[ICD-9-CM code 562.00, 562, 562.01, 562.10, 562.11, 562.12, 562.13, 567, 562.03]

Use meperidine (which decreases intraluminal pressure) instead of morphine (which increases intracolonic pressure) if pain control is needed (right ... added by Resection Man).

Avoid repetitive administration of meperidine, especially over several days, because of the potential for central nervous system toxicity. However, note that there are no adequate controlled clinical trials on this [36].

This is from a “best practice” journal funded by Merck, so take it with a grain of salt.

However, I have come across many morphine contraindication notices for resections for the same reason, increased colonic pressure and intestinal paralysis. Alternative med of choice was Demerol in most cases.

Despite my research, I went with Morphine pump, so there you have it. I didn’t practice what I preach. And while I complained a great deal, in hindsight, it must have been successful as I don't remember the pain. When I was in for the pre-op, I talked to the nurse about the meds and she assured me I would get the "latest and best for my situation". I transitioned to Toradol and then to Vicodin. Maybe you will do similar.

That is one difference between a nurse and your attending physician. One prescribes.

Well, just jot those down and give them to a loved one. Don't forget about the Toradol .... it was excellent.

If the Morphine is not doing the job, have your agent discuss options with the prescribing physician.

Make sure the nursing staff is very comfortable with the change midstream (especially if they bridge). If not get the clinical pharmacologist to ensure there are no bad interactions.

I named my wife and one alternate as my agent to advocate and make decisions in the event I could not. It was included in the entrance exam with the living will. So, if you are getting banged with pain, they can press the doc to take you to a more comfortable place.

Sorry, I could not find the information on the meperidine until tonight. But that is OK. You have already made the decision to go Morphine PCA. This is just FYI in case you need a contingency.

On another note, this is a good link that takes you through the process from St Mark's across the pond:

It is more of an open perspective, not quite as good as my thread, but useful. I read this PDF a couple of times prior to going in.

Resection Man

Edit: The Merck Praxis site is a physician's how-to journal. Merck Medicus may be fee based. Merck Praxis appears not to be. Given the reasonable rules of this board not to provide links to commerical sites, I shall not as I don't know what a .md is in either case. However, it is the source for the meperidine. Just take it with a grain of salt. The protocol contained for diverticultitis was right on for me. I would have "text book" medicus patient.

Good Job on the one hour massage. May 20th, right? I was thinking about you today.

In the first couple of days, time is altered by the pain and/or drugs or some combination. Some things seem intensely real and important at the time, and then you cannot remember them. :) All you remember is that something important was going on that you should have remembered, or maybe wish you did, but you are not quite sure. But, then you think, maybe I don’t want to remember. The beat of time is definitely altered. See Salvador Dali’s painting “Time”. For me time was bent slowing down as the drugs moved in and speeding up as the pain increased, and occasionally just wafting around.

I am on a tangent actually. Your question was about sleeping and how much. Mentally, I do not think slept all that much, but I probably did. It was in an altered state either way.

In my hospital, I had a nurse and a nurse’s assistant assigned to me. They were on slightly elliptical paths. One was taking vitals every two to four hours, and the other was dinking with meds on a different schedule and doing nurse stuff. There are shift changes every eight hours, and regardless of how soon the other pair just left, the next ones kick in. There were also an exercise Nazi and a breathing & coughing Nazi that fool with you during the first couple of days. Plus there is the Resident on the floor, the Surgeon, and maybe a GI doc too. One more thing, they hooked my legs up to compressions cuffs that rhythmically massaged my legs to help prevent deep vein thrombosis of the legs. That contraption was on a timer of its own and it would start and stop on a schedule that was beyond reason for me at the time. The IV pump has a variety of alarms that go off every couple of hours too. One benefit of getting my procedure done at a teaching hospital was the student parade. I was on the tour. Except for interruptions by alarms, and those people and contraptions and the few lucid periods when I was in excruciating pain I think I got plenty of sleep, but I cannot remember for sure.

Just a little sarcasm.

This might be a better answer to your question: I was never really tired. Either I was asleep or awake. My wife could not keep up with me, especially once I was on Toradol. I would go for four to six walks around the core of my floor every two to four hours. 3 AM – 5 AM just whenever. Wife could not keep up with me in the early days during the 24 hour walking periods. Interesting. I just do not remember sleeping all that much. I had it my mind that whenever I could I would walk. There are many benefits from doing so. So, rather than going to sleep as the drugs were kicking in, I did everything in my power to walk, walk, walk. Then I would sleep in the middle of the drug cycle. After I got smart, I made sure to keep the pain meds (oral Vicodin) on schedule. You are not going anywhere. Take them and get on a schedule. Walk when you are the peak of altered state and sleep in the less altered state. Getting in and out of bed hurts a lot more than sleeping. Take my word on this one. So use the drugs to manage the worst part, exercise.

Once, your body is erect, and you are walking, it is not all that bad. The nurses told me, and I believed them, the getting up part is where most give up. If you can stick it out for just a little bit more, then you are up and going. It took me about 1 to 1.25 hours for the pain meds to be at their peak. That was my best walking time.

I think I slept often for very brief periods. Maybe six times a day for one to two hours each.

Private rooms in my hospital were an extra $85.00 a night. I sprung for the private and the wife had a fold our chair that was more or less a futon style bed, only a little different. She slept there. After the first two days, I shared my bed with her from time to time. We just barely fit with me on my back and she on her side (she could only sleep on my good side ... the one that did not hurt. The painful lap hole is on my left).

Hope that helped.

Resection Man
Resection,Jen,Suzi & all...I'm home...even before I had a BM!!! My doc has me on a regular diet and Vicodin as needed for pain. I ended up having it done lap...doc took out about 8 inches of sigmoid and cleaned up some endometriosis and an endometrial growth of some kind that I had no idea were even there. I guess it's the 40 year tune-up special I got!!! Can't believe he went lap....I'm convinced it was the power of prayer...but evenso...I'm extremely uncomfortable expecially while sitting straight up...feel all this pinching & pulling going on. Attempted this post a few times & couldn't finish. Just wanted to tell you I'm home and will fill you all in with details when I get myself a little bit more settled in. Right now I need to rest and drink fluids etc.

Resection...72 hours and the gas passed...just like you said...how much longer until the first BM??? Started my regular food lunchtime yesterday..so far I've eatren I/2 turkey sandwich, cream of chicken soup 1/3 serving, 1/2 roll. Today I had 1/2 portion scrambled egg, breakfast roll, and rice krispies with milk and 1/2 banana.

Thanks again all for your love & PRAYERS...sorry to be so brief...I really feel uncomfortable sitting in front of computer....Goody :wave:
Goody !!!!! :bouncing:

I have been waiting like a puppy for you to return. Great news on the lap, and such a small loss of intestine. You should have better than average prognosis.

Today is my best day yet. Exactly 21 days from the surgery. Sorry to hear about your uncomfortability. There are a couple of “open” bodies that showed up while you were under that are climbing stairs and shooting pool and running around, and not taking Vicodin. Just Tylenol. Oh, and they are in their 60’s & 80’s. I will give you sympathy though. They are making us look bad. We need to short sheet them or something.

Do get plenty of rest.

Let’s see. Mr. Owl? How many days to my first BM? One, two, three, are you a female? three, four, five. Five days to your first BM.

Be good. I am looking forward to your posts again. Spare no detail. Will keep you in our prayers.

God Bless you, Suzi :angel: I could feel your hands holding me through the entire thing. I am only able to sleep in the recliner...the only comfortable way to sleep. Can't lie down or sit all the way up without discomfort..so I'm doing what I feel most comfortable with.

Had my first BM earlier this evening, shortly after asking Resection about it!! Wasn't bad at all. No pain, no diarrhea just soft and a little smelly, is all :D :D But that's how it goes...I guess!!!

I took 1 1/2 Vicodin before bedtime...and just got up to use bathroom & thought I'd check the thread..I was glad to see you were here to ease me through once again. Not as uncomfortable as before I rested...just going through the healing...I guess.

On a funny note...hubby was unable to pick me up at the hospital when I was discharged...he arranged for a good friend of our's, Paul, to stand in as his surrogate. On the way home, Paul pulled his 1991 BMW into a convenience store. He had to get milk & asked if I needed anything...I didn't. As I waited I pulled the recline handle to find a more comfortable positition to travel home in...and to my shock & surprise...was thrown all the way back and felt the most pain I felt the entire week at that moment as all my sutures burned at once naturally fighting back at the unexpected!!! Not only did I scream but continued to experience the pain when I couldn't get myself back to any higher position and was most uncomfortable lying down!! And so with the teeny amount of abdominal muscle strength I could muster up...I had to pull the seat up from behind with my opposite arm in the most twisted position....praying that I wouldn't tear out all the surgeon's fancy stitch work he did only days before!!! Perhaps that is why I am in such discomfort...I don't see any signs of swelling from the outside...although my abdomen, by far not the flattest for many years now, is still disfigured and distended from the air they pumped in for the surgery.

I laugh now at the episode of not even being home yet from the hospital, and almost botching the entire thing up!!

Well...it's back to bed for this gal :yawn: :yawn: Thanks for greeting me with your warm and gentle words....I'll keep you updated...Goody :D :D
Hey, Minnesotamom & RC...It's getting alot better!!! I'm finding that I just have to bite the bullet and sit upright even when uncomfortable!! The pain eventually works itself out.

Today I had my 2nd BM...5 days after the surgery. No pain or looseness...no urgency either. Ate cheerios with milk for breakfast & egg salad sandwich for lunch on an onion bagel. I'm still in painful stitches & find I'm more comfy on my feet.,.spent most of day on them except when resting. My abdomen is quite distended...feel as if I'm 7 months pregnant...is this normal???

Minnesota.....I think every person's experience with surgery is different...I really expected to be more comfortable...but compared to yesterday I'm better. I am just 5 days out of surgery and think I'm doing ok ;) I slept in a recliner last night...tonite I'm going to force myself to try the bed. Only had 2 Vicodin all day today & kids & hubby are helping out quite a bit. I received a special gift from my mom yesterday...a golden bell to ring anytime I need help from a family member...it does come in handy :D :D My parents are coming in tomorrow to help out for 2 or 4 days...just to keep the stress level down with assistance in my kids daily activities such as homework etc.

RC....I was amazed that I didn't have an NG tube in postop...my surgeon knew how concerned I was about that and I never followed up with him as to how I lucked out not having one!!! And today I noticed that I have no memory of my recovery room...only waking up in my room with not anywhere the amount of pain I had postpop with my gallbladder!!! I recall having my husband assist me in sitting up & dangling my legs over the bedside only an hour after being in the room!! And of walking to the hallway and back a few hours after that!!! It really was not as bad as I expected...and today I do honestly feel better. Will probably post again tomorrow...hubby is gonna take me for a ride out to our summerhouse...it's 86 degrees today and going to be a beautiful day tomorrow. It's right on the water & I plan on sitting in a chaise and relaxing while he mows the lawn...Goody :D :D
Helen...SO sorry to hear about your numerous surgeries & so much colon having to be removed...was this due to diverticulosis or something else? I remember having lots of itching with the morphine which the nurses said was common, however, never a rash. It worked well for me in conjunction with turinol duting breakthrough periods. I liked the turinol...it didn't give me that twilight zone feeling and it relieved the pain and allowed me to concentrate more on my walking and breathing exercises. And then when it was time to rest I'd press my morphine button and it allowed me the sleep that I needed.
I will keeep you in my prayers along with Jen and Minnesotamom

Minnesota....HOw are you doing...working is good it'll keep your mind off of things. Now I will share with you my experience which was only 9 days ago, that I haven't felt up to until now....

I did my prep on Mother's Day...took 1000mg Neomycin & 1000mg Erythromycin at 1pm & 2pm. (I had been on clears for 2 days) I had a great time seeing "Mean Girls" at the movies with my family and returned home around 2:30pm. Around 3:30pm I got severe cramps and dry heeves and vomitted and was on the bowl with a bucket & it coming from both ends. I knew it was the antibiotics...it seemed like an awful lot to take only an hour apart from each other. I grew concerned about being dehydrated and the time was approaching for me to start my phosphsoda prep at 4pm. I called the surgeon & he said since I had so many watery BM's that morning plus more and the vomitting to only do 1 phosphosoda and skip the 11pm antiobiotics..that he would put them in an IV during my surgery. I stopped my cleansing about 9pm....and settled into bed at 11pm. I honestly didn't get more than a few hours sleep I guess due to the anxiety and Minnesota...I tell you it really wan't worth losing sleep over. I got up at 4:30am to give myself the fleets enema ad was a little concerned that it wasn't quite clear. There was yellow in it...so I went hubby to CVS to get another and did it again & it was clearer.

We got to the hospital at 6am as sceduled. The nurses aid that brought me to my room told me that she had an open resection with the same surgeon and spent over 1/2 an hour telling me everything to expect & how it wasn't bad at all etc. I truly believed God was intervening on my behalf...what are the chances of the person settling you into your room having gone through the same exact thing? I met with the surgeon, they started my IV, and met with anesthesia and OR nurse. They were very comforting...at 7:30 I walked into the OR...and when I waw the surgeon in his scrubs I walked over to him (which I think shocked the whole team) and squeezed his shoulder and thanked him for taking such good care of me. Before I knew it, I was o the table with blankets positoned under my knees for comfort and the anesthesist telling me she had put something in my IV that would make me sleepy....and the next thing, after having what I felt was a great night's sleep I was awake....in my room. The nurses instructed me on how to use the PCA putting the button in my hands. I wasn't uncomfortable or in any kind of pain...just amazed that it was over and my mind thinking "Where is Tom"....I was in & out and woke up with the same thought off & on. Finally I woke up to see his face & to get any info I can. (Apparently they failed to tell my hubby that I was transferred to a room despite his numerous inquiries)He didn't get to my room until I was there for over an hour!! :nono: I was out of it....everything moving in slow motion...but alert enough to uncover my belly to see the numerous small incisions & know that it was done lap and not open. I smiled knowing all the prayers that went into having it turn out this way and drifted back to sleep. :angel:

I woke up seeing my hubby at my bedside...& asked him to help me sit up & dangle on the edge of the bed. This was only 2 hours after getiing into my room. He did...it was a little painful but I knew how important it was to move around. I did the spirometer each time I woke up and took some ice chips & then settled back down to sleep. I have to say...I did wake up and when I did it was usually due to pain. I did holler a little at my hubby for not doing his job of hitting the button when I was asleep. Apparently my husband didn't see me moving & assummed I was pain free until he'd hear a moan or see some type of movement. After I told him that I was only waking when in pain he'd push the button every 15-20 minutes no matter what which helped. So Minnesota...share this with your hubby...it will help him to keep you comfortable. And even when I did wake up in pain...it wasn't really the type you can even remember or not control...once the morphine kicked in I was alright.

By the evening I was walking to the doorway and out to the hallway and all the way back to bed.. My nurse was also God sent...she told me how well I was doing and progressing way beyond what was expected. I did this walk with very little assistance...using my IV pole as an anchor/walker. Getting in & out of bed was the worst...oh Minnesota, one thing is that as long as you're on the Morphine they'll keep you on oxygen only because morphine lowers your breathing and they keep the oxygen going for the first 12 hours or so after surgery when you're on the highest levels of morphine.

That evening...I really felt comfortable....comfortable enough to tell my hubby that he could go home and I would be okay until early afternoon the next day. I felt silly with him sitting there reading...he's not one to like hospitals and I really knew I was okay and comfortable enough to send him on his way. During the night I just pushed my PCA, took some ice chips, and did my spirometer each time I awoke. Oh...I failed to mention that you will have these boots on your legs that pump up like a blood pressure cuff off and on until you are getting up frequently on your own. You will also have a foley catheter tube in your bladder that catches your urine until you are able to go to the bathroom on your own.

During the night a little bulb thingy coming from my largest incision was leaking...I mentioned it to the nurses and they just put gauze over it...the surgeon explained that it was not a drain but a way of delivering xylocaine to the incision so as to help with the pain for the first day of so. I had started to develop a fever of 103.5 the surgeon felt that the main suture, although not reddened, but warm to tough, may be the culprit...and so he put me on an IV antibiotic and removed the bulb thingy in cae it was causing the problem.

The foley came out that day, day #2 & the pain management team changed my morphine to a continuous drip and told me I can have percocet, vicodin, and turinol dutring breakthrough periods when I needed something more to control the pain. I worked on walking and using the spirometer and got better with each day. For two days I was on clears we know what that's all about.

The third day I started on regular foods after tooting...exactly 72 hours after surgery and the fourth morning...Friday, I was discharged home even before having a BM!!!! It is all a blur right now as I am recuperating....and I can honestly say that it wasn't as bad as I thought. On my 9th day I am still very tired and in pain but all manageable...my body tells me what I can & cannot do and I try to listen.

I have a concert for my daughter tonite...I will check in later if I can and definitely tomorrow morning....Goody
Minnie's Daughter...Sorry to hear that mom is having a hard time of it. I had my resection done over 2 weeks ago and I'm still in considerable pain...trying to stay away from the vicodin and using tylenol and advil instead.

Percocet I believe is 3 times stronger than Vicodin and very rarely is one discharged home on it. So I guess they're trying to get mom on the Vicodin to handle the pain. I believe your mom had the open resection whereas I had it done laprascopically. The epidural numbs most of the incisional area so that no pain is felt postoperatively. Now the epidural is out and although the toughest pain period is over your mom is experiencing pain that is now felt by her and although most likely less than the first few days...it is more than she actually felt since she had the epidural covering up the pain. So although your mom feels that it's alot...it is actually less than what it originally would have been if she hadn't had the epidural. Explain this to mom so that she will understand.

Sorry to hear about the hospital food . Perhaps you can get your mom something and bring it up to the hospital for her to eat. A lo residue diet is not too restrictive. Speak to her doctor or nurses about it and see if you can bring some food in for her. Most soups, chicken/turkey sandwiches, pancakes, eggs and toast etc. are things she can have. Applesauce, ripe bananas, soft rolls are also good choices. Ask your mom what she feels like eating....I found that my stomach was attracted to the right foods and definitely turned off by the wrong ones.

Tell mom that she is in my thoughts & prayers each day. I am hoping that she will be home soon. Eating & walking will lead to her first BM. It should be any time now.....Goody
Hi -

This is Minnesota Mom's husband. She came home from the hospital today. Although she is still in some pain and quite tired, she was very glad to get out of that hospital room. I was too, since I had spent so much time there. But the nursing staff was really great. They sent her home with Vicodin.

The most humorous part of the departure was the dietary advice. A young dietician intern came in with the usual sheet about what to eat and what not, warning her to stay away from anything with much fiber. Later her surgeon came in and basically blew off most of that "advice" saying she could really eat just about anything she wanted. So much for the consistency of medical advice and practice!

We live in a house where she has pretty much everything she needs on the first floor, but our computer with Internet access is in the downstairs. She isn't quite up to braving the stairs yet to write to all of you, but hopes to tomorrow or Saturday.

Minne's Husband
Welcome Home, Minnie!!!~ :bouncing: Yes....we're thrilled to hear that you're in your usual surroundings...home. Yes...I too got the diet contradictions between dietician and surgeon. So I'm doing what my body tells me to do...it only makes sense to not stress out the healing bowels...so soft things, easily digestible things is what I'm doing. Tell Minnie to take it easy & not rush back to the computer...we'll all be here to greet her when she's ready...however, I'll be away at our summerhome for the holiday weekend...which has no computer...so I'll probably check in Monday night.

Hey Jen...what's up with you...you sorta left us hanging with your incision healing!!! Is it all better...sure hope so and that you're healing well yourself!!

As for me...I landed in the ER last night from 8pm-3pm. The burning/tearing sensation in my lower abdomen just didn't feel right & was getting so severe that it actually had me crying out in pain each time I got it...usually with movement...however, yesterday it came just while I was sitting down. They did a CAT Scan which showed some inflammation but nothing to worry about. I feel better having had the CAT but exhausted from the entire process. No meds were helping...they sent me home with toradol which worked best in the hospital and won't make me sleepy like the percocet and vicodin. So I'm on my way out to fill the scripts...and then to pack up for our weekend which I'm looking very much forward to.

Glad to hear everyone is home and healing themselves...please know that my prayers are still offered for my dear friends here on the board....will check in before leaving this afternoon and again on Monday evening. Where's Resection...did he take his Supreme Colon away to the beach again. Hope all that stress is down and that he's on the mend...Goody
How is everyone doing? I had pretty bad pain all week last week and did eventually call the doctor. They just said to take more pain pills!! On Saturday, for the first time I woke up and felt I was better than the day before. I do feel I am finally on the road to recovery. Goodie - how are you feeling? I just went out on a couple of errands with my husband and can't believe how much it tired me out. I am wondering about trying to switch over from ibuprofen to Tylenol - did you all find the Tylenol is strong enough? I am still taking the Vicodin at night.
Hey everyone...Goody's back :D :D My trip to the summerhome was just what I needed...that burning pain is finally over & no more pain meds!! One setback is that on Tuesday I developed chills, fever and felt unusually tired and had laryngitis with a cough that hurt my chest. I was afraid I might have developed bronchitis or respiratory infection following surgery but doc said it was a bad sinus infection. Slept almost 3 days straight...but now feeling better... just tired. I am just so glad that burning pain is gone....I was really worrried about that and now it just feels like I'm generally bruised in the abdominal area...something I can definitely handle.

Minnie and Jen...yes you are going to tire easily...I still can only manage one errand a day and then it's back to resting. It's getting better and I recall my surgeon saying that no matter how the surgery is done open/lap it will take a full 8 weeks to feel back to normal. So listen to your body and do only what it can handle. Minnie...the pain will determine what you need...if it's bad then take the vicodin...if not too bad take the tylenol or advil ( the advil tends to be ahrder on the stomach)

Resection...congrats on the situps ;) Keep it up...hope I will be able to get to 10 when my turn comes

Well...my body is telling me to rest...just wanted to say a quick hi and send all my love your way

Helen & Polly...you are both in my prayers & I promise to check in again with you tomorrow.....

Goody :wave:
Resection - Isn't that the truth about the gas and BMs. I'm here wondering what today is going bring. Will I or won't I? Big, small, hard, soft. I just want to be regular - is that too much to ask? Well enough of that. Carrspaints, it is true about the surgery and the pain. Everything is relative. I expected a ton of pain and was pressing that morphine pump every few minutes. But really, I don't think I needed it that much. I was just the same after they took it away as before except a lot more alert. I switched to Vicodin until I left the hospital but even those I refused most of the time because they stong pain killers slows things down and I wanted to have everything start up as soon as possible so that I could get out of there. I can't help you with the recovery time estimation because I'm only 1 week post op and still waiting. I told my job that I should be out 3-4 weeks and judging by the way I feel today that seems about right. I have a desk job that doesn't require any walking or lifting so you have to take that into consideration too.

I have a question for the other recoverees. My incision looks a little raggedy right now and I'm being told not to worry it will heal ok. I know this surgery was necessary to save my life and I shouldn't be vain, but I still am curious - will I ever have a normal looking belly button again? Right now it doesn't even remotely resemble the one I had before.


Hello all,

I just had an open colon resection on July 19 and thought I'd share my experience. I am female, age 47, and was diagnosed with diverticulosis about five years ago. Due to 3-4 recurring attacks and the last one not resolving after four rounds of antibiotics, surgery was recommended..planned, not emergency. I now weigh 120 lbs, lost about 20 lbs in the last couple months with this last persistent flare-up, other then that I am in pretty good health.

So far, I have no regrets re: surgery. I was in the hospital 8 days. Pain was managed very well with a morphine PCA, both auto drip and patient control. In fact I had my days in the hospital when I was feeling "quite good" and became quite the "social belle" of the hallways while strolling!! Although the nasal-gastric tube was not painful, I found it irritating, it caused a gurgle in my throat and made it hard to talk. I complained so much they pulled it out on the third day, and that did not hurt at all, a little tickle.

Like some of the others I have read, my most uncomfortable time was probably the first three days at home due to extreme nausea and hot flashes. I am convinced that I was experiencing mild morphine withdrawal as it seemed to improve a little after taking a vicodin. By the fourth day home the nausea was gone.

BM's the first few days home were purely liquid, not painful then gradually became more formed. I am now experiencing stools that are closer to normal size and frequency 2-3 times per day then I have had for years....that's the best part, and I expect it to keep on improving as the healing completes, especially if I can keep dicsiplined enough to drink lots of water, eat small amounts and the right things etc.

I am aiming to start back to work by the end of the month, still working on rebuilding strength, walking, vitamins, lots of rest etc. My only concern now is there still seems to be a hard lumpy area beneath the incicision that doesn't seem to be going down. I hope it's not an incisional hernia, I know I made the big mistake of trying to move a water filled vase while in the hospital and had to put it down real quick when I felt a sharp stabbing pain. I go to see the surgeon this week, so we'll see what he says. Would love to hear if anyone else has any comments on swelling or lumps under incision area and length of time for this to go away. God Bless you all, Sara in California
I'm not sure if I've figured out how to keep on these various threads, I've posted on a couple but they don't always show up, any advice?? Anyway, my open resection, no colostomy, nine inches removed was done on July 19. I am hoping to get back to work approx. August 30.

RE: pain meds, 8 days on the morphine drip managed pain adequately but seemed to contribute to some mild withdrawal after going home. I used Vicodin for approx. 2 weeks, and seemed to experience some mild withdrawal with that also. I am now using Naprosyn, since Ibuprofen did nothing for me but make me tired.

RE: BM's, seem to be steadily improving, never painful. Walking, water, right foods seem to be paramount. We did a 3 day get away to the coast four weeks after surgery, and although the trip was enjoyable, I felt my recovery backslide for a few days after returning, I think due to the long hours in the car. I agree that recovery has it's ups, downs and plateaus.

Question: When does everyone feel it's okay to start eating raw fruits and veggies, what about Metamucil following open resection?? any thoughts?? It is so helpful to hear everybodies stories, keep them coming, Sara in California

I know this is off your original topic, but am hoping you can help anyway. I have just been told that I have diverticulitis. I'm in agony. I was in severe pain 4 days ago, and passed out 3 days ago and woke up in a pile of vomit. I'd been vomiting all day. The hospital did a CT and found inflamed diverticuli.

Now, two days later, I'm still in severe pain. I don't know what's happening. My lower left quadrant is the worst, but the pain is all over. I'm really nauseated, too. I was prescribed vicodin, but it's doing very very little for the pain.

Another weird symptom is I feel strange. I'm very light headed and keep walking into walls and feel shaky and weak. I'm eating, so it's not that. My stools are loose, but not diarreah. Did you feel like this is the acute phase? And were you in pain this long?

I'm not sure if I should go back to the ER or not. They prescribed two different antibiotics, and said that I had some type of weird infection because I had blood in my stool (a lot)
Quote from shadowrose40:

I know this is off your original topic, but am hoping you can help anyway. I have just been told that I have diverticulitis. I'm in agony. I was in severe pain 4 days ago, and passed out 3 days ago and woke up in a pile of vomit. I'd been vomiting all day. The hospital did a CT and found inflamed diverticuli.

Now, two days later, I'm still in severe pain. I don't know what's happening. My lower left quadrant is the worst, but the pain is all over. I'm really nauseated, too. I was prescribed vicodin, but it's doing very very little for the pain.

Another weird symptom is I feel strange. I'm very light headed and keep walking into walls and feel shaky and weak. I'm eating, so it's not that. My stools are loose, but not diarreah. Did you feel like this is the acute phase? And were you in pain this long?

I'm not sure if I should go back to the ER or not. They prescribed two different antibiotics, and said that I had some type of weird infection because I had blood in my stool (a lot)

Shadowrose...Did they put you on any antibiotics?? Did they do bloodwork and a CAT scan to check for any abscesses or perforations? The blood in the stool is not a good sign and you could be losing blood internally if it absessed. Especially if you are feeling weak and faint. Please go back to the ER and have yourself checked out especilly since you are feeling worse. Diverticulitis is not somethingto fool around with. Let us know how everything turns out...please mention to them about your increased pain. Good luck,...Goody

PS...One of the antibiotics....Flagyl made me reallky ot of it and with Vicodin can cause dizziness and the out of it feeling. Cipro is also a strong antibiotic. The meds may cause you toi feel this dizziness/weakness but alos bleeding can too. Do you have a fever? Usually the first bout of diverticulitis you a hospitalized and on IV antibiotics. You need to be on clear liquids only and rest your bowels. STill I think since your pain is worse you should be checked out ASAP