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Hey Jen..how are you doing today, honey? I prayed that you will get rest and that the pain would be less and the infection clear up with the help of your visiting nurse and doctor. Do take it easy and let your body heal itself with the help of the professionals and of prayer. I love ya and wanted to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers that you will be well again soon.

I went to my daughter's concert after a day of discomfort. No fever, no problems eating just the abdominal discomfort from the surgery. I made sure I took my Vicodin a little before the concert and only went for the 15 minutes she was singing. My parents left this morning...there's so much car pooling with my kids & I feel guilty relying on friends but I really don't quite feel up to driving yet and so have to ask for help. It's hard for me to do so....but I know it's important for me not to overdo it.

Resection...when did you feel up to driving? And when did the pain feel better...I'm only taking the Vicodin at bedtime and once during the day when I need a nap to ease the pain. I keep reminding myself that I am only 5 days out of the hospital and that I probably will feel more myself by my followup visit with the surgeon which is 2 weeks after discharge.

Jen...let us know how you're doing...hope you're comfortable and that the incision is looking a little better today...Goody ;)

Take it easy. Walk around enough to ward off the clots and keep your gut awake and that is it !!! Get a bell like Goody. You are in my prayers. Yep. Minnie is in right now. They should be stitching her up right now. I found myself tired every afternoon for an easy two to three weeks. If I pushed it, then I would be tired AND sore, maybe the next day too. Going to Austin yesterday left me tired. The site of the BB infection is just going to perpetuate the inflammation & pain. So, you can probably count on pain until sometime after the infection is down for sure. 12. This is like the 12th time I have told you to take it easy. Am going to have to come down there and pop you on the head? You’re just a 45 minute flight on SWA. I can reach you, then go to the beach afterwards. Please be good !!!!


I have deliberately taken it easy in the lifting, pushing, pulling and driving department. I have probably only driven four or five times in the last two months. Technically, Vicodin clears from the blood in a couple of days, but continuous use of the Vicodin will slow down your reaction times for a while. So, allow say three or four days after your last heavy narcotic before driving. It is just not worth injuring yourself or someone else. It is very subtle after continuous use. Besides, jamming on the brakes could cause you some good pain. Santa and I are still car pooling and I am almost at a month or so. I went in April 23, and today is the 20th. So there you have it. Don’t rush.


Edit: Last two weeks. Not two months on the driving. Twice to work and back, about 15 miles. And twice to the grocery store and back, less than 1 mile.