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I have been diagnosed with severe gastroenteritis and am on my 7th day.....the pain has subdued and I can eat rewgular but I HAVE TO GOTO WORK tomorrow.......can I take 2 vicodin (prescribed for plates in arm) to help releave the tension and digestive pain. Most of the pain is in my intestines now. PLEASE someone....motrin doesnt work!
you realize that you probalby cannot work and take vicodin at the same time also it will take care of the tension but not the gastric pain also i think one of the side effects of vicodin would be more gastric pain. you will end up addicted to the pain killers? other than that i know nothing

If I am comprehending it correctly.. you're having stomach trouble..

1. Motrin wouldn't work. motrin/ibuprophen irritates your stomach. I know. I have a prescription for rantadine to offset the irritation the Motrin/Ibuprophen does.. for I am "supposed" to take it (motrin) for my burcitis (sp) and tendonitis.. (but I don't, unless it is 'really" hurting) otherwise I do without..

I'm not positive if you want to take vicodine either, for although I have never taken it, I have friends who have, and it makes them feel nauseous. So, I would assume that that is a stomach irritant as well.

I would see if you couldn't call your doctor in the morning and ask them what they think you should take. whether it be otc or a prescription that they can call in for you, and pick up on your way in..

Hope you find something that helps....

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thanks guys. Im not addicted dont worry!! I go through 30 vicodin every 60 days. I have to plates in my arm. HORRIBLE ARTHRITIS. So i need them somedays. I figured they might help tomorrow, but Im gonna take something OTC. I dun wanna get gas pains. They hurt.