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Hello guys, Well, I had my hemilaminectomy/discectomy almost 17 months ago. It is a lot better. However, I still have small/midium flare ups every now and then, which I take Naproxeen Sodium and gets good again. I just started TTC a month ago. The "Chile" didn't take, so I am trying again my next ovulation. My OB told me that it may get bad during pregnancy, but my NS says that it should not affect at all. If you are taking painkillers, you will need to stop as soon as you know you are prego. My OB told me if things get out of hand, I could only take Tylenol or Vicodin. NOTHING ELSE.

I have spoken to a lady in the "Pregnancy" section of this forum, which she went through her entire pregnancy taking Vicodin. She had her boy a couple of months ago and he is just fine. She also had a bad disc which she had had operated on.

I decided to start trying cuz I am 38 and never had a child before, nor I have never tried either. I really wonder if I could get prego. In the meanwhile, my OB sent us to have some test to make sure I still have enough eggs and hubby has the right # of sperms. We will know on the 15th when I have my next appointment.

I am excited to do this. I really would like to have a baby.. at least one. The only thing I am scared is being able to make it through pregnancy without experiencing too much pain, and being ok after delivery (meaning, not needing another surgery). My OB told me to continue swimming the whole 9 months. That will be the only thing that may help to have a better time during prego.

I will keep everyone posted.

P.S. Lorry is right, while prego our bodies will segregate something that will make you go trough. Many women that have our problem are surprised that prego wasn't that bad after all. But the key here is after delivery. Will we be OK? We'll see, everyone is different.