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I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with Physiatrists & pain
management.I just recently had an MRI done that showed a " moderate,
diffuse disk protrusion at C5,6 " I have been having severe pain at the base
of my neck in back and across my shoulder blades..my left hand,fingers
sometimes are numb/tingly and I have started losing dexterity and strength
in this hand as I sometimes just drop things with my left hand. My PCP has me
on Neurontin,Flexeril,Bextra & Vicodin and has referred me to a Physiatrist
for an EMG test and pain management. Does anyone have experience with
this type of doctor?? What exactly do they do ??

Hi Chris,

I am in the same situation as you, my pain mgmt doctor is a phsyiatrist. He does injections, he really does not like to perscribe opiates but does for me 2 vicodin every 6 hours as needed. My pcp perscribes the rest of my meds, soma, neurontrin, motirn.
My phsyiatriast's card says pain management/minimally invasive treatment of the spine. The injections that he did caused me increased pain and then had no effect.

He now wants me to have surgery because he is not sure that he can help me any further and does not want me on "narcotic's" becasue I am too young...

basically, I am getting passed to another doctor because he feels he cant help me..

So, PM doctors are many different things, some are anasteologists some are phsyiatrists, some taek a class and then call themselfs pm doc's.

Not all (like mine) perscribe meds...

Hope this helps...