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Hi there Wendy sorry I didnt get back to you sooner but I had to work early
yesterday-you know one of those lovely back to back shifts...I am also in
agreement with you about the PA situation as I dont think that was appropriate for an initial neuro exam,dx and plan of treatment for your
friend - I definately would have wanted the NS for the intial exam,etc and
the PA used for follow-up,etc. Yes,it does appear surgery may be on the horizon for me,however at this point I am ready for some resolution in this
matter. As to your question,the Physiatrist rxed morphine 15 mg I.R. tabs
to take 1-2 every 4 to 6 hours as needed.There is no doubt this med has
provided superior pain relief for me as opposed to the Vicodin-however,it
does make me less alert,etc but I am still able to function at home-the operative word being at home as when I am at work if the pain gets bad I
use 1/2 Vicodin with an extra strength tylenol to get by.I can definately
understand your frustration concerning your pain still present after post-op..
from what I understand a good majority of patients still have to be on some
sort of long term pain management-some for life,even after having surgery
in the cervical area.In your case,I definately would be aggressive in seeking
out pain management to allow yourself to get back to the quality of life you
had before this medical dx. Pretty cool about your x-rays and how the actual
proceedure was done...I am glad the X-rays looked good..

Take Care....Chris