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Hello. I am writing because my dad and I are very concerned about my mom. Last Fall she had surgery on her sciatic nerve to help a long, ongoing problem. She did a few hospital therapy sessions, but then stopped. For a while the pain was better, but then it got worse again. Now she is getting by on Vicodin and is scheduled for another surgery in a week. My dad talked to me today about how he knew that more than surgery would be needed to fix my mom's problem. One of the issues is that she is overweight, and we believe that is affecting her ability to get better. That, however, is a touchy subject.

But I am surprised that her doctor did not INSIST on an intensive rehabilitaton/physical therapy program after her first surgery designed to strengthen her back and help her lose weight. I feel that she needs a physical therapist or trainer whose job it is to keep her on track and motivated. It should not fall to my dad to tell her that she isn't doing enough to get better. This should be a doctor's job. Also, we are concerned that all the doctor seems to be doing for her post-surgery is giving her pain medication.

If anyone can give me any advice on how to help her do better after this surgery, please let me know.