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Hi all. Just wanted everyone to know how my PM appointment went today.

First when he walked into the room was not really listening to me. Then I said well Doc I was not that good at all this month cause as you can see from my new records I was in the hospital for 3 day due to the pain. He asked me how I thing the Oxy was working for my pain. ???? Well I told him not that great anymore I said in the beginning I found it worked better then it does now. So he said have you ever tried any of the morphine drugs I said no. He said I will be right back. He came back in 15 minutes later and said well after reviewing your records I really think we should try the Duragesic Patch and I will give you Vicodin 7.5 for breakthrough. So I guess it turned out ok. At least he left the office to read my records, cause from the questions he was asking me you could tell you did not take one glance at them until I said something.

My question is this I was on Oxycontin 40 x 2 a day and the Vicodin only 2 a day. I am now going on the Duragesic Patch 75mg and the vicodins for breakthrough pain. What is the comparisons for this med?? What I mean is by Mg is it the same as the 40 mg of Oxy??