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It seems we are in the same boat, unfortuately..I was thinking like you that maybe the hardware was causing the pain, I guess you start grasping at straws to find some way to get rid of your pain..It does sound to me that you have the FBS, too..The Advinza I am on is morphine that is time released in your body over a 24 hour period..It works fairly well, I do get some break through pain, but it is better than the vicodin..I was on a roller coaster with it, having extreme pain, then I would take some vicodin, and it would get better, and so on...The PM told me this is not good, and they wanted to control my pain better, without the ups and downs..I was actually thinking about the spinal stimulator, but I don't like getting forced into it..I thought maybe the hardware was causing the pain..I don't like the idea of something inplanted in my body, it seems scary to me..I also found out I am a diabetic, after the PM ordered some lab work..So that isn't good either..I am going to control my diet so I won't have to go on medicine or insulin..As for the unstability, just because you don't feel your hardware moving doesn't mean it isn't unstable, not meaning to scare you..I feel the clunking and movement when I do certain exercises and move a certain way. I don't think it is as bad as it was prior to the fusion, but I think it is still there. I am going to get the report on my MRI, and the films just to have for reference in the future..I think it is a good idea to have all of your MRIs, CTS, and all of your tests..I think your smart in doing that..I wish you the best in whatever decision you choose..I hope it gives you relief..StarAngel :angel: