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Hi Mary,

My dentist prescribed an arthritis anti-inflammatory medication called dolobid (aka diflunisal) for me. It works for 12 hours, and I take one in the morning and one at night. She said that it was okay to take it continuously, which is what I have been doing for months now. I find that if I only take it when I have to talk a lot or just when my jaw hurts, it isn't very effective. I tried taking vioxx and naproxen but I found that those were useless.

The meds are hopefully short term b/c I have a new splint from a new TMJ dentist. I am using this new splint which has helped with the pain, and I am still taking the pills. I have never heard of anyone else on this board taking this same medication. It sounds like many ppl here take strong meds like vicodin, which I think can be addictive. The good thing about the one I take is that it isn't addictive. Hope this helps! Lisa
Hey Lisa,
I just recently got a new splint too. I read in another post that you have a lower and a upper splint. Well, I was told be my specialist that I would need rubber bands to fit around both my upper and lower splints keeping them together because my jaw keeps slipping back, especially when I lay down. I was just wondering if you do the same thing? :)

Thanks for the advice on the previous post. my TMD doctor wanted to put me on vicodin! I said no, of course.