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Had lumbar discectomy L4-L5, 12/11/06, went back to Dr. today for same symptoms as you describe. Had cervical, lumbar x-rays and MRI's last week. Was only able to see Physian Assist., said 4 bulging disc in neck and arthritis in cervical and had reherniated disc one small spot on right side. Scar tissue, recommended more steriod injections before doing surgery. Not very encouraged as these did not work (4) the first time. Disc is very weak. I am now exploring options online. Originally the Neurosurgeon said surgeryif is was reherniated. I want a fix, PA said that I could just end up with more scar tissue, which Neuro did not mention at last visit. I am only on Vicodin now, concerned with addiction at this point and I am out of sick leave at work, husband works offshore, no one to drive me after injections, blah, blah, blah. But, my answer to you is to explore all options, keep after them!